Chloe Carruba


Singer Songwriter

"Working with Liam Roberts and Benny Lau Crispin who run The Granary Studios, I feel that they speak to me and respect me on a very significant level. They take me seriously as a musician and that we make the music that I’ve always wanted to make together. "

Charli Brix


Singer / Songwriter / DJ / MC

"Working with Liam, Benny & Dan at The Granary Studio was seamless. Their friendly hospitality set the mood for a relaxed & productive session and a stimulating environment for writing music.


Always on hand to assist, their production skills, creative abilities & professional studio equipment lead to the successful creation of multiple projects, and a thoroughly enjoyable day. I would highly recommend hiring not only their studio but their professional production services too." 

Jennifer Jane


Singer Songwriter

"Top notch studios run by 2 incredibly talented people. Dan and Benny have extensive knowledge about music and production. They have the ability to take your musical vision and bring it to life. The studio has an abundance of high quality equipment and software to ensure the very best outcome. Rental is at an extremely affordable price. Highly recommend."



DJ Producer Duo

"The best studio we’ve had the pleasure of visiting! Amazing resources and incredibly knowledgeable individuals. If you are passionate about making music this is the place to go."

Wallis Ryan


DJ Producer

"What an amazing place, this studio is well equipped and has the perfect energy for creating music. Dan and Benny are so welcoming full of knowledge and easy to work with. No other place I would go, exceptional."

Alfie Crook


DJ Producer

"I came to these boys when I was weighing up Electronic Music Production @ DBs.

I told them what I wanted to achieve, and they structured a plan for me.

It was intense at times, but it was seriously fun right through.

I’ll be going back for studio based projects & mastering 👌"

Natural Fools


Guitarist Songwriter

"Amazing place, very professional, very relaxed. You couldn't ask for more."



Singer Songwriter

"The BEST people you will work with! Benny & Dan are not only extremely talented themselves and will help show you your own talents, they are also the most easy going people to be around and will put you at ease while teaching you the ropes or working with you recording in a pretty sweet recording studio. They love to get into the groove of music and you won’t be able to not enjoy yourselves. Thank you guys for what you’ve taught me so far!"



DJ Producer

"5 stars all round! I've only managed to make a couple of sessions at the Granary so far, however what I learnt on those couple of sessions was priceless. A place to gain knowledge and practice my production. Working with some incredibly passionate and talented people. Benny and Dan love what they do and this space shows that."



DJ Producer

"Had an amazing time at the granary studio! Dan and Benny were extremely knowledgeable and helpful during the whole process. I came into the studio with a track that I thought needed a bit of touching up. However, they taught me loads of invaluable techniques and transformed my track into an incredible release-ready masterpiece. After that, they pointed me in the right direction for label release, distribution and promotional services!"

Koren McIntosh


DJ Producer

"Incredible studio with incredible guys at The Granary. Extremely supportive and make you feel really comfortable regardless of previous knowledge/experience in music. Would absolutely recommend!"

Matt James

matt james.jpg

Videographer, DJ

"TGS is an incredibly professional and versatile studio space, ran by a friendly and dedicated team who are a pleasure to work with, and who will always go the extra mile for you and your work.

10/10 would recommend!"



DJ Producer

Great studio with awesome equipment and a sound you can't beat! if you need any help with producing this is the place to go!

Jason Hutchinson


Singer Songwriter Producer

If you are looking to take your music to the next level then pay a visit to the Granary Studios. Dan and Benny both have an extensive knowledge and experience of music production and performance. Having worked with them both I can say the experience is worth every penny, whether it's for mastering your own tracks, down mixing and eq, or just looking for ideas and inspiration from the guys as to how you want your tracks to sound. The studio has a multitude of instruments and synths plus decks, monitors and all the software you need to master your tracks. They also have their own record labels and a wealth of contacts in the music industry. If you are an aspiring musician, DJ, music producer or just need experience in music production then contact Dan or Benny at the studio and book yourselves in. You won't be disappointed.