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Learn how to make music like a pro...

The Granary Studio is the perfect location to learn how to make and produce music. Our in-house engineers have written hundreds of tracks signed to some of the worlds biggest record labels and supported and played by leading DJ's from Laurent Garnier to Annie Mac. We will create a unique tailored step by step plan to take you from whatever level you currently at, whether its complete beginner or knowledgeable producer.. to a professional producer with that 'polished sound'.
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STEP 1:  We will tailor a music production course unique to you. 

STEP 2: A set amount of lessons will be booked in, each lesson                       with a new and unique topic. 

STEP 3: A review of your progress will be given after these set                        lessons are completed. 

STEP 4: New tailored lessons will be planned and booked in.

STEP 5: Repeat until you are happy and a pro producer! 

Take your music to the next level...

Alfie Crook


DJ Producer

I came to these boys when I was weighing up Electronic Music Production @ DBs. I told them what I wanted to achieve, and they structured a plan for me. It was intense at times, but it was seriously fun right through. I’ll be going back for studio based projects & mastering 👌

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